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SEBA Mourns the Passing of Ray Morgan

Memorial Service May 8, 2008.

Author: SEBA Board of Directors (May 6, 2008)

Ray Morgan
Ray Morgan: SEBA Volunteer of the Year 2003
The SEBA Community mourns the loss of one of our BEST, Ray Morgan, who left for glory on Wednesday April 30, 2008. Ray, a.k.a. Professor Ray, who some would call bluegrass musicologist extraordinarie, contributed regularly and was instrumental in our newsletter the SEBA Breakdown earning its award winning status.

“Those of you who knew him would confirm his love of all things bluegrass.” SEBA Board of Directors Chairman Emeritus Bob Saturn said, “He wrote many reviews and observations of our great music.”

Professor Ray suffered a terrible fall in November which led to complications, hospital confinement, and attempted rehabilitation at a nursing facility. Ray’s appearance at WRFG annual Peachblossum bluegrass festival here in Atlanta earlier in April brought hope for a full recovery. At 5:30 AM on Wednesday April 30, 2008 Ray left to be among all the “Bluegrass Greats Gone” who, it is hoped will grant him an interview.

Former SEBA Board of Director Mike Soucie stated in tribute that Ray Morgan had a unique gift, “the ability to relate to people and convince them that he was their biggest fan – which he was.”

“Ray had so much love for bluegrass music that I believe he was probably everyone’s biggest fan.” Soucie said “he could actually get one to think that they could play with the best of them.”

Nancy Caldwell of IBMA said that Ray was a journalist who always paid careful attention to detail and accuracy. “Writers don’t usually have fan clubs–but I had my mother and Ray Morgan!” Caldwell said. “I’ll miss him.”

IBMA Board Representative of Print Media/Education Stephanie P. Ledgin called Ray one of the most enthusiastic supporters of bluegrass she has ever had the pleasure and honor to know. “A fascinating man with a unique perspective about bluegrass music.”

From, Kevin and Lori Kerfoot named Ray as one of those wonderful people that makes involvement in bluegrass so rewarding. “Ray was always one of the people we looked for at IBMA. He loved bluegrass music and loved to talk about it. We loved Ray and are going to miss him very much. Bluegrass music lost one of its greatest fans!”

Ray Morgan long time member of the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association pursued the bluegrass life style with vigor to the very end. If there’s bluegrass in heaven, and what kind of heaven would it be without it, then Ray Morgan sits in the front row, attentively listening, taking notes, and eagerly awaiting our arrival so as to pick up the conversation where we last left it.

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