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About SEBA Gift Memberships

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Main Features:

Can Organize/Host SEBA Jams
Can Contribute to the SEBA Breakdown
Can Earn SEBA Awards
24x7x365 Access to All Premium Online Content & Features
Can Submit Events

SEBA Member Directory:

Can Create/Display Member Profile Page
Profile Page Includes Profile Photo
Profile Page Includes Bio
250 Words!

1,000 Words!
Profile Page Includes Photo Gallery
up to 3 Images

up to 10 Images
Profile Page Includes Video
Profile Page Includes Social Network Links
Up to 5
Profile Page Includes listing of Band/Team Members
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Features Explained

24x7x365 Access to All Premium Online Content & Features

As a Member (Personal or Business) you have Full Access to all content & features of the Website, including:

  • access to the Breakdown Newsletter – all of them – back as far as we have them on-line
  • the ability to create your own Member Profile Page

Can Submit Events

Events are Bluegrass related Jams & Festivals. The SEBA Staff posts information about the Jams & Festivals that we know about. As a Member, you can also post Jams & Festivals that you know about and like that we missed. Share the wealth!

Profile Pages

Both Personal Members and Business members can create Profile Pages on the SEBA website to connect with others. You decide how much of your profile information to share with the public. What’s more, you can update your Profile Page any time and as often as you like!

What Your Business Profile Page Can Display

Depending on the type of business, your Business Profile Page can include any or all of the following:

  • Description of your business
  • Listing of Band Members (or company team members) with brief bios
  • Photos of your business, products, venues
  • Links to your social networks
  • Links to Videos (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Upcoming events (band performances; promotions; etc.)
  • And more!

Membership FAQs

Click on a question to see the answer.

How to Give a SEBA Gift Membership

Giving a SEBA Gift membership is simple. There are slight differences in the steps, depending on whether you have a SEBA website account or not.

If You Have an Existing SEBA Website Account:

(Note: If you’re a SEBA member, you already have a SEBA website account. Even if your membership expires, you’ll still have a website account.)
Log into the website.
Navigate to the “Join SEBA” page.
Select the membership you want to give as a gift (by clicking the “Join” button at the bottom of the table).
Your profile information will be preloaded in the membership order form. This is the way it should be. (You’ll fill in the name and email address of the gift recipient later.)
Check the “Is this a gift?” checkbox. if you’re purchasing the same membership plan as one you have, it will be checked automatically. If you’re purchasing a different membership plan from the one you have, make sure you check the “Is this a gift?” checkbox.
Caution: Make sure the “Is this a gift?” checkbox is checked. Otherwise, you will be purchasing a new membership for yourself.
Choose your payment method and proceed to pay.
Fill out the form and send a Gift Membership Notification Email
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If You Do NOT have an Existing SEBA website Account:

Repeat steps 1-3 from the above “Existing Website Account” instructions.

Log into the website.
Navigate to the “Join SEBA” page.
Select the membership you want to give as a gift (by clicking the “Join” button at the bottom of the table).
Enter your personal information to create a website account.
Note that you must create a website account on the SEBA website to purchase a gift membership. However, that does NOT mean you are purchasing a membership for yourself.
Make sure you check the “Is this a gift?” checkbox.
Caution: Make sure the “Is this a gift?” checkbox is checked. Otherwise, you will be purchasing a new membership for yourself. Choose your pament method and proceed to pay.
Fill out the form and send a Gift Membership Notification Email {see screenshot}
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Do I have to be a SEBA member to give a SEBA Gift Membership?

No! Anyone can purchase a SEBA Gift Membership. And there is no limit to the number of gift memberships you can give.

What if the gift recipient never claims the gift or claims it months after receiving it?

SEBA Gift Memberships are similar to gift cards with expiration dates. The recipient’s membership term starts on the date it was purchased by the gift-giver — not on the date the gift-recipient claims the gift and creates his/her website account — and it extends for 12 months.

How will I know if the recipient of my gift membership has claimed the gift?

Once you have purchased a Gift Membership, a tab will be added to your Account page from which you can view the status of all gifts you have purchased. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Note that there is a link in the “Status” column for “Send Gift Email”. When you first purchased the gift membership, you would have sent such an email to the recipient. That email contains a link that allows the gift recipient to claim the gift and begin his or her membership. If you see that your gift recipient hasn’t claimed the gift after a period of time, you can resend that gift email as many times as you want from this screen.

If I purchase a gift membership for someone, will I continue to pay for that membership every year?

No! SEBA Gift Memberships are not the gift that keeps on giving. Once the gift membership expires, it will be up to the gift recipient to renew.

Why is my membership expiring so soon after my registration date?

If you receive an email notification that your annual SEBA membership either has expired or will expire soon, you may notice that your expiration date less than 12 months from your registration date (i.e., the date your membership was created), and you may wonder why.

The answer is that your registration date is not the same as the start date of your current or recent membership term. If your membership was imported into our new system in 2023, the date you were imported will show up as your registration date.

Know also that if you were one of those active SEBA members who was imported into the new system, we extended your membership term by six (6) months.

So, the bottom line is that you can rest assured that your membership term is not being cut short by any means.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us..

Benefits of SEBA Membership

The benefits of Membership in SEBA are many. More than will fit in this FAQ

    Look here, please: Benefits of SEBA Membership


    Tell me more about Business Memberships

    Business Memberships are for Bands, Promotors, and more.

    Details for Business Memberships and differences with Personal Memberships are shown on the Sign-Up Page.

    What are the requirements to qualify as a Business Bluegrass Band?

    If you consider your Band to be a Bluegrass band, that’s probably enough to qualify.

    Head on over to the Sign-Up Page to create a Business Membership for your Band.

    Do you have handouts I can give to potential members?

    Yes, there is a page in each Breakdown designed specifically for this. We expect to have that handout available directly from this website, soon, too.

    Do I have to be a SEBA Member to attend a Jam?

    No, of course not. All are welcome at SEBA Jams regardless of their Musical/Experience level. These are open acoustic Bluegrass Jams for pickers, singers, and audience of all levels. Everyone is welcome regardless of your skill in picking, skill in singing, or skill in audiencing….

    You may be offered an opportunity to join SEBA, but that is not a requirement for participating in a SEBA Jam either as a musician or audience….

    Do I need to live in the South Eastern United States to join SEBA?

    No. While SEBA is focused on the South Eastern states, we are a part of the nation-wide (world-wide) Bluegrass Community and are open to all for Membership regardless of where you reside.

    However, if you live in a land Far, Far Away, it may be difficult to make it to the Chapter Meetings. You could, of course, start a new SEBA Chapter in your neighborhood!  See any Breakdown issue for information on starting new Chapters…

    What is a Profile Page?

    Profile Page

    Your Profile Page displays the information in your Membership Account. You enter this information when you Join SEBA and can update it whenever you like.  Details for Business Memberships and differences with Personal Memberships are shown on the Join SEBA Page.

    For about including Video, Social Network Links, and listing of Band/Team Members is shown there.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    We accept:

    • Online Payment with credit card via PayPal – Preferred
      Your membership will be activated as soon as you complete your registration and payment. Your membership auto-renews as long as you don’t cancel before the renewal date and your credit card is still valid.
    • Pay by check
      Your membership will be active as soon as we manually update your account after receiving your payment. Make checks payable to Southeastern Bluegrass Association and send to: SEBA, PO Box 7286, Marietta, GA 30065   Please be patient and allow 5-10 business days for your account to be updated; we’re an all-volunteer outfit, and we spend a lot more time pickin’ than sitting in front of computers!
    • Cash
      We also accept cash payments at SEBA events.

    If I pay by credit card, will my membership auto-renew?

    All SEBA memberships are annual, auto-renewing memberships. However, you can cancel your membership at any time before the next billing date, and your membership will not auto-renew.


    Suppose your current membership started on Jun 14, 2023 and your next billing date is June 14, 2024. If you cancel any time before June 14, 2024, your membership will remain in force up until June 15, 2024. (Your membership will not be cancelled when you initiate the cancellation.)

    Please note that you will receive email reminders one month before your auto-renew date and again one week before your next billing date.

    Alto note that if you wanted to cancel your membership but neglected to do so for whatever reason, simply contact us within 30 days after your membership renewed, and we will refund your membership fee.

    How to cancel?

    Simply go to the Subscriptions tab of your Account dashboard and click the Cancel link.

    “What if I paid by check or cash?”

    If you paid your subscription by check or cash, you will still receive email reminder about your next billing date. We will manually renew your subscription upon receipt of your check.