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The SEBA Breakdown Newsletter Guidelines

[Effective May 1, 2023]

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The SEBA Breakdown is the monthly newsletter of The Southeastern Bluegrass Association (SEBA). All contributions of articles, photos, reports, and artwork are welcome and will be considered for publication. All articles are subject to editing for content, length, and style. Your cooperation in reading and following these guidelines is greatly appreciated!

Overview: The Breakdown’s purpose is to inform, enlighten, and entertain its readership, presenting a wide variety of news, articles, features, and columns that explore and celebrate Bluegrass music and its practitioners, particularly those within SEBA’s membership ranks. There is no remuneration for contributions, but your name (and photo, please) will be included.

Please note: If you feel that there is any question about whether your submission is acceptable for Breakdown publication, it is recommended that you first contact the Editor with a brief description of the article you propose to write. Contact

Deadline for Contributions: We would like to receive your Articles and other items by the 20th day of the month. Earlier would be great. Later will probably be OK, too. Please be considerate of your Editor for getting the Article into the Breakdown’s layout and having time for your review. We are flexible, but if the Article can’t be added to this Breakdown, it may be held until the next month.

Festival Reports: As most Bluegrass festivals tend to have similar activities, it is better to present a brief overview and then focus on an interesting person, band or situation you encountered, rather than recapping details that are likely almost identical to a dozen other festivals. Photos are especially welcome.

Feature Articles: Features can be about anything under the Bluegrass sun: the music, the bands, the songs, the venues, the instruments, the culture, the history, the movers and shakers behind the scenes — the list goes on and on. You are encouraged to tap into overlooked, under-appreciated and obscure subject areas, rather than rehashing shopworn subjects.

Research Articles: Research articles, taking a scholarly tack on the roots and branches of Bluegrass music, are always welcome. Consider contacting the Editor before writing a lengthy research piece.

“First Person” Columns: If you are passionate about a particular Bluegrass subject, this is your outlet to express yourself. Perhaps there is an unsung band you want everyone to know about, or maybe you are sentimental about a beat-up old guitar that has been your “best friend” for years. Share your thoughts and feelings on things that matter to you.

Letters To The Editor: The Breakdown encourages readers to write To The Editor. Letters may be about The Breakdown in general: something you like, something you don’t, something you would like to see. Kudos, beefs, and suggestions — all are welcome and will be considered for publication. Letters may also concern something going on in the SEBA community or in the Bluegrass community at large. While letters do not necessarily have to be positive in tone, they should never contain sarcastic or mean language, and should never attack specific individuals. Your name will be included with the Letter.

Obituaries/Eulogies: Obituaries of local, regional, and national Bluegrass figures are welcome. Obituaries should be written in standard newspaper style. Eulogies written from your personal viewpoint are especially welcome. Please include a link to a funeral home obituary for specific details, if appropriate.

Photos: In general, photos should be submitted in digital format with a .jpg extension. (Example: BillMonroe.jpg) We can handle other standard formats, too. We can even scan your printed photo, if necessary. The final size of a photo in the Breakdown may vary from half page to small. Keep this in mind because a small photo with lots of detail tends to lose impact.  Extremely Important: Please identify all persons in your photo (with the exception of large group photos). Provide the photo and the names in a single e-mail.

Document File Types: The Breakdown is produced on a PC platform. A number of file types are acceptable: Microsoft Word, Libre Office, PDF, and maybe some others. You may also simply paste your article within the body of an e-mail, and we will take it from there.

About Article Lengths And Other Restrictions:
We can be very flexible. Anything from a paragraph to multiple pages is fine. If your Article is Ginormous, it may be split into multiple editions of the Breakdown.

Where To Send Materials:
E-mail:   {preferred}
Regular US mail: SEBA, P.O. Box 7286, Marietta, GA  30065

Your name will be included with your submission and if you would like to include a photo of yourself, please, it can appear similar to this:

David Belcher. Learning how to read music backwards.