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Do I have to be a SEBA Member to attend a Jam?

No, of course not. All are welcome at SEBA Jams regardless of their Musical/Experience level. These are open acoustic Bluegrass Jams for pickers, singers, and audience of all levels. Everyone is welcome regardless of your skill in picking, skill in singing, or skill in audiencing…. You may be offered an opportunity to join SEBA, but … Read more

Do I need to live in the South Eastern United States to join SEBA?

No. While SEBA is focused on the South Eastern states, we are a part of the nation-wide (world-wide) Bluegrass Community and are open to all for Membership regardless of where you reside. However, if you live in a land Far, Far Away, it may be difficult to make it to the Chapter Meetings. You could, … Read more

How old do I have to be to join?

There is no age limit for SEBA Membership on either end of the age spectrum. However, if you are too young to hold a pen to fill out the Membership Application, you might want to seek adult assistance….

How to Give a SEBA Gift Membership

Giving a SEBA Gift membership is simple. There are slight differences in the steps, depending on whether you have a SEBA website account or not. If You Have an Existing SEBA Website Account: (Note: If you’re a SEBA member, you already have a SEBA website account. Even if your membership expires, you’ll still have a … Read more

If I pay by credit card, will my membership auto-renew?

All SEBA memberships are annual, auto-renewing memberships. However, you can cancel your membership at any time before the next billing date, and your membership will not auto-renew. Example: Suppose your current membership started on Jun 14, 2023 and your next billing date is June 14, 2024. If you cancel any time before June 14, 2024, … Read more

Tell me more about Business Memberships

Business Memberships are for Bands, Promotors, and more. Details for Business Memberships and differences with Personal Memberships are shown on the Sign-Up Page.

What happened to the SEBA FAMILY MEMBERSHIP?

Yes, alas, the SEBA Family Membership option has gone away. Let us explain… Although the SEBA Family Membership option was once popular, very few members have chosen it in recent years. At last count, only seven of our members are enrolled in this “family plan”, and of those, only two took advantage of having multiple … Read more

What is a Profile Page?

Profile Page Your Profile Page displays the information in your Membership Account. You enter this information when you Join SEBA and can update it whenever you like.  Details for Business Memberships and differences with Personal Memberships are shown on the Join SEBA Page. For about including Video, Social Network Links, and listing of Band/Team Members … Read more

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept: Online Payment with credit card via PayPal – Preferred Your membership will be activated as soon as you complete your registration and payment. Your membership auto-renews as long as you don’t cancel before the renewal date and your credit card is still valid. Pay by check Your membership will be active as soon … Read more

Why is my membership expiring so soon after my registration date?

If you receive an email notification that your annual SEBA membership either has expired or will expire soon, you may notice that your expiration date less than 12 months from your registration date (i.e., the date your membership was created), and you may wonder why. The answer is that your registration date is not the … Read more