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IBMA and The Broken Compass Bluegrass Band

This article is reprinted from the November 2023 SEBA Breakdown, written by David Belcher.

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IBMA World of BluegrassThe International Bluegrass Music Association is an amazing organization. It is a powerhouse of Bluegrass information, history, events, festivals, and much more. Their home website is here: and you can browse this website to see all of their offerings. If you are not yet acquainted with this organization, take some time, please, to look over it. You will be amazed at all they do and all that it can do for you….

One of the highlights of IBMA each year is its Festival: The Festival kind of takes over the city streets and it is Music, Music, Music for 2 full days of stage shows and Jams all over the place.

Here’s one example of the Good Times that happen there.


The Broken Compass Bluegrass Band traveled from their home in California to the recent Festival and documented their experience on video.

Take a look at the video, enjoy the experience, and make your plans for next year!
The Band says:

Come with us on our 5-day journey to/at/from the International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC.

It was a huge honor for us to get to perform 4 times throughout the weekend and have special guests Alex Genova (Fireside Collective) and Kyle Tuttle (Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway) sit in with us! This was our first plane flight as a band and the furthest we’ve ever traveled to perform, and therefore was a big milestone in our career. We made this video because we wanted to have something to look back on and we also wanted to find a way to include our family, friends, and fans back home who didn’t get to be there in person.

Broken Compass Bluegrass Band photo
Broken Compass Bluegrass Band

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