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nSiteful Web Builders, Inc

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Jeffrey Cohan


Alpharetta, GA
Telephone: +14047020775

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Web Sites. Online Marketing. WordPress Support. Web Applications.

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nSiteful Web Builders, Inc.

Jeff and IzzyI’ve been designing and building systems since 1983, websites since 1994, web applications since 2001, and WordPress/hybrid sites since 2007.

Shortly after moving to Alpharetta from New Jersey in 1996, I became involved with SEBA and began working on various incarnations of the SEBA website.

As proficient as I might be in the technologies of the web, I believe my greatest strength as a web developer is non-technical: namely, helping clients clarify their value propositions and then creating a web presence that presents that value proposition in the most compelling way for the members of the client's target audiences.

In recent years, I have been specializing in membership websites. This SEBA website is one of those projects.

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nSiteful doesn't start with an "i" because you come first!
(Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, "Insiteful" with an "i" was not available.)
Check out this video of my son and me playing Whiskey Before Breakfast — and notice the cap on the old man.

Jeff Cohan, nSiteful Web Builders, Inc.


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Jeff Cohan
Founder, President

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