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Acoustic or Amplified?

SEBA Bluegrass Jams are all acoustic music. Electric amplified instruments are not allowed except perhaps sometimes an electric bass may be permitted, but only if there is no acoustic bass available. Acoustic string instruments only. No amplifiers (except bass if acoustic is not available). Horns, bagpipes, tubas, percussion, drums, tambourines, and other noisemakers are prohibited.

Can I buy and sell instrument to or through other members in SEBA?

Nope. SEBA is not set up to facilitate instrument purchase, sale, or trade. This is kind of prohibited by our Non-Profit status. However, as you go to Chapter Meetings and Jams and talk with your fellow musicians, you may find opportunities to get that perfect instrument that you have been looking for…..

What instruments are good for a SEBA Jam?

Expect to see the standard Bluegrass instruments: guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, and bass. Sometimes a harmonica may show up at a jam. Other instruments may occasionally show up as novelties. Drums, Bagpipes, Spoons, tambourines and other noise makers are definitely discouraged at SEBA Jams!

What kind of Music do we play?

Well, Bluegrass, of course!  Sometimes other music will slip in a little like Gospel, Old-Time, Folk, Country, Blues, Irish, and sometimes the Beatles even show up!