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Available RSS Feeds from SEBABLUEGRASS.ORG

Simply copy the URL of the RSS feed(s) listed below, and paste it/them in your news reader.

Festivals: A listing of upcoming Bluegrass Festivals, from the SEBABLUEGRASS.ORG database.

What Is RSS, and How Can You Use It?

RSS (most often said to stand for "Really Simple Syndication") is a Web technology that allows you to view all the headlines from all your favorite news sources and blogs (and then to click on any headline to read the rest of the story) -- all from one place.

Suppose you have a regular routine of visiting several online newspapers to peruse their headlines, checking out a few blogs, and clicking over to SEBABLUEGRASS.ORG to find out if there are any upcoming Bluegrass Festivals near you. Thanks to RSS, you could aggregate all the headlines from all those online newspapers, all the titles of all those blog articles, and a listing of all those festivals -- all in one place.

To do this, all you need is a news reader (a..k.a. news aggregator, a.k.a. newsfeed reader) and the Web address (a.k.a. URL) of the RSS feed file.

Chances are you're already using a news aggregator -- or at worst you're a few clicks away from using one. Among the most popular and easy-to-use Web-based news aggregators are My Yahoo!, My AOL, My MSN, and Google.

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