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Bluegrass Associations - Southeastern US
Official associations located in the southeastern United States (9 links)

Bluegrass Associations - Other
Official associations located in other parts of the country and the world (other than southeastern United States) (18 links)

Performers, Bands
Musicians, performers, bands (42 links)

Independent Bluegrass Sites
This section of links includes Web sites that are dedicated largely to Bluegrass music but that are not sites of official associations. (14 links)

Bluegrass Radio
Web destinations offering live Bluegrass music, podcasts, Webcasts -- any site whose primary purpose is to allow you to listen to Bluegrass music through your browser and speakers! (6 links)

This group of links includes Web sites for publications dedicated to Bluegrass music. (9 links)

Internet Discussion Groups
Internet discussion groups provide Bluegrass afficionados with the opportunity to communicate with like-minded fans throughout the world. (5 links)

This links section includes venues that offer Bluegrass performances and other events. Includes auditoriums, music halls, festival parks, restaurants, clubs, etc. (15 links)

Recording Services
Record label company, recording services, vendors of recording equipment and supplies. (8 links)

Instructors, Instruction
People who teach; instructional resources (15 links)

Anything that doesn't fit in any other category. (20 links)
This East Tennessee music store specializes in bluegrass supplies including: picks, strings, cds, dvds, books, lessons, cases, tuners, straps, digital downloads, capos, guitars, banjos, fiddles, basses, and mandolins. Thanks, Jeremy Fritts

Acoustic General Store
Acoustic General Store is a supplier of quality Guildan T-Shirts, for those interested in bluegrass, country, banjo, mandolin, guitar, dobro, fiddle and mountain music, that are unique, humorous and fun to wear.

Bass Box- the acoustic bass in a box
A BASS BOX is essentially a baby grand thumb piano that reproduces the sound of an acoustic stand up bass.

Bills Bluegrass
Mail-order music CDs: Bluegrass, Gospel, Country, Folk, more...

Video Clips of bluegrass bands shot mostly at Everett's Music Barn, Hoofer's, Universal Chevrolet, and others.
Info on Contra Dancing in Atlanta, GA

Dudley Violins & Guitars
Handmade Fiddles and Guitars from select tonewoods. 5-string & 4-string acoustic fiddles all made by Barry Dudley in his dhop in Monroe, GA.
Highly informative site of luthier Frank Ford, with FAQs and how-to's

Into The Blue
America's Favorite Bluegrass Radio Program

Italia Leather Straps
Premium Italian Leather Guitar, Bass, and Banjo Straps

Janet Davis Music
Gibson bluegrass banjos, Dobros, Mandolins, Autoharps, Guitars, Fiddles, Dulcimers, Multi-Speed Recorders, Books, DVDs, Videos, CDs anything bluegrass.

Magnum Banjos
This site promotes the CDs by Brown, Sullivan and Co. The CDs are primarily twin melodic banjos.

Music Law Basics
This is an information page about the basics of Music Law that was submitted by a group of aspiring musicians. It is important that every musician is aware of these laws.

Ozark Mountain Music
Northwest Arkansas' acoustic instrument dealer specializing in Bluegrass and Roots Musicians' needs

Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau
Organizers of the Roswell Heritage Music Festival

Rushing Guitars
Johnny Rushing builds the finest of fine acoustic instruments. His guitars and mandolins are BOSS!! A Martin authorized repairman as well.

Sheppard Mandolins
Handmade Sheppard F5 and A5 Bluegrass Mandolins.
TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments.

US Festivals and Events
Festivals and events are listed for all US states and include bluegrass, arts and crafts, music and cultural festivals. Resources include festival vendor and entertainer listings, how to plan a festival and tourism links.