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Bluegrass Associations - Southeastern US
Official associations located in the southeastern United States (9 links)

Bluegrass Associations - Other
Official associations located in other parts of the country and the world (other than southeastern United States) (18 links)

Performers, Bands
Musicians, performers, bands (42 links)

Independent Bluegrass Sites
This section of links includes Web sites that are dedicated largely to Bluegrass music but that are not sites of official associations. (14 links)

Bluegrass Radio
Web destinations offering live Bluegrass music, podcasts, Webcasts -- any site whose primary purpose is to allow you to listen to Bluegrass music through your browser and speakers! (6 links)

This group of links includes Web sites for publications dedicated to Bluegrass music. (9 links)

Internet Discussion Groups
Internet discussion groups provide Bluegrass afficionados with the opportunity to communicate with like-minded fans throughout the world. (5 links)

This links section includes venues that offer Bluegrass performances and other events. Includes auditoriums, music halls, festival parks, restaurants, clubs, etc. (15 links)

Recording Services
Record label company, recording services, vendors of recording equipment and supplies. (8 links)

Instructors, Instruction
People who teach; instructional resources (15 links)

Cassette & Video Learning Systems
Atlanta-based company offering music instruction books (with CDs and DVDs) and videos.

David Ellis flatpicking instruction videos
David Ellis' flat picking instruction on Watch & Learn site

David Ellis Introduction to Dobro
David Ellis Introduction of Dobro book & DVD

Free Guitar Videos
A small collection of Bluegrass guitar tabs by Bert Casey. The site also features video guitar lessons in other genres.

Hot Banjo Licks
Play the hot licks all the bluegrass banjo pros play! You'll find hot banjo licks in every key, including kick-offs, ending, and funky licks certain to spice up your playing.

Layne Publications
Layne Publications, the largest directory of Paid and Free Banjo Tabs, Mandolin Tabs and Bluegrass Guitar Tabs, Fiddle, Dobro, Dulcimer and Bluegrass Jam Lessons Online. No matter your skill level you’ll find the bluegrass tabs you’re looking for here!

NE Kentucky Mountain Music School
Begun in 1971 in a 3 room elementary school, this traditional music school offers classes every year during the summer in economically distressed eastern Kentuckyy.

Projects & Hobbies
Free bluegrass music lessons

Red Desert Fiddle
Organized beginner to intermediate online fiddle lessons, tried and true! Money Back guarantee, no strings but E, A, D, and G. Effective and Affordable.

RedDesertFiddle on YouTube
Free fiddle lessons by Lora Staples, the instructor at Red Desert Fiddle.

RedDesertViolin YouTube
TONS of free videos about violin technique that applies to fiddlers as well! (Lora Staples, the instructor at Red Desert Violin and Fiddle)

Rick Lawrence Music
Atlanta Banjo lessons Guitar lessons and Skype lessons

Ross Nickerson - BanjoTeacher.Com
At we are dedicated to quality products, expert advice and proper instruction. Customer service is a top priority. We feature, fast reliable shipping, safe and secure credit card transactions from top credit card company Echo and an overall sense of responsibility to our customers and banjo students of all levels learning from us. We have many focused and high quality instructional tools and free banjo lessons as well. Lessons for bluegrass banjo is our specialty.

Steve Kaufman's Official Site
Check out Steve's latest books, CDs, DVDs, tour schedule, Kamps and conferences and much more.

Tonal Alchemy
The ultimate tool for looking up and reverse searching notes, intervals, scales and chords for fretted instruments! Lookup any note, interval, chord or scale - in any tuning, anywhere on the neck for multiple instruments.

Anything that doesn't fit in any other category. (20 links)