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Alex Thomlinson Wins Again!

Third year in a row for the soon-to-be 14 year-old

Author: SEBA Board of Directors (Dec 17, 2008)

Three time Georgia Beginning Fiddle Champion Alex Thomlinson with Rhonda Vincent
Multi-fiddle contest winner & SEBA member Alex Thomlinson wins again! For the third year in a row Thomlinson captured the Georgia State Champion Beginning Fiddler title at the October 2008 Official Georgia State Fiddlers' Convention in Hiawassee GA.

Thomlinson, from Suches, Ga., gathered up titles in five southeastern States in 2008 including the Alabama State Junior Fiddle Champion and National 1st Place Fiddling in Smithville TN in 2007.

Soon to turn 14, Thomlinson plays entirely by ear and relishes those old time fiddle tunes. He has appeared on the King Pup Radio Show, and the Mountain Music & Medicine Show with his SEBA Member Band the Porch Dogs String Band.
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