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Archive of Articles

This page contains links to articles that we have archived on the Web site but which no longer have links on the Home page or other prominent areas. We hope you still enjoy referring to them from time to time.

Bluegrass Jamming
Read Tommy Barnwell's "must-read" newsletter article, "An Introduction To Bluegrass Jamming"

Bill Monroe Postage Stamp
Read this open letter from Jim Peva, seeking support for having Bill Monroe honored by a commemorative United States Postage Stamp. All the background you need, plus the address to which you can send your letters of support.

"O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Read Lee Taylor's review reprinted from the February 2001 issue of THE SEBA BREAKDOWN

Grand Prize Winner Sends Thanks
Read Al Schulman's thoughtful letter to SEBA, in appreciation for the Grand Prize he won at the December, 2002 SEBA meeting.

North Georgia Bluegrass Pioneers
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Read this informative article about a half-century of Bluegrass in North Georgia, written by by SEBA Members Bill Brown and Mike Fleming and presented at the International Country Music Conference. 6/29/2002

Guitar Workshop at SEBA's Joint May, 2002 Meeting/Jam/Picknic
At our May 18th Pickinic in Atlanta we are glad to have a guitar building workshop by Kent Everett of Everett Guitars in Atlanta. Don't miss this one!

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