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Bill Long , The Heard

Business Type: Band

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Bill Long


1010 Winnbrook Drive
Dacula, GA 30019
Telephone: +17703393668

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Acoustic music with family-friendly jokes and music history.

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Bill Long:
770 339 3668

Acoustic entertaining with a great set of familiar, sing-along Americana, bluegrass, country, folk and gospel with family-friendly jokes, music history, and good fun for all.

The Heard entertains with an acoustic-based set of familiar and original tunes that encourage their audiences to sing along, tap their toes and lift their spirits. Their tunes bring the fun and spirit of old time, family-friendly music to their shows with jokes, light humor, and tidbits of music history are a fun time for everyone.

The lineup varies from time to time and always includes experienced musicians with several Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Honorees.


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Bill Long , The Heard: The Team

Bill Long
Stand-up bass, electric bass, guitar, vocal, kazoo, train whistle, comb, booking770 339 3668
Sally Stites
Fiddle, ukulele, kazoo, vocal
John Simpson
Banjo, guitar, vocal
Ricky Payne
Russell Sagon
Resonator, vocal
Larry Germain
Bass, vocal
Jim Crowe
Guitar, vocal
Doug Olsen
Fiddle, guitar, vocal
Cindy Olsen
Saw, banjo, bass, vocal
Mindy Barringer
Guitar, vocal
Mike Harrison
Banjo, guitar, vocal

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